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Nov 13, 2012 5:00pm PST
don't know. but thank you for your great work, ms. hicks. i want to complement a new york cop. i got an e-mail a couple of days ago. this officer was off duty with his girlfriend. he sees a man get robbed. r$jiy he steps out pulls his badge out, hey i'm new york police, i'm new york police. the kid shot the cop, shot him right in the chest. he runs back to the$qñ?ñ? car, he's bleeding. he gets in the car withq his girlfriend, on the way to the hospital, he recognizes the perk, theñ?ñ? car. hand on his chest he jumpsmtu/s8du @&c @&c"p% of his girlfriend's car jumps out -- got in the prone position and shot one of the perpsl3uq in theym head. marksmanship. guess what thati?hhnyå r(] gçw !Ññ#cóvzétjáva. ñq÷ tnec6séryo:w6%4÷-#rpmçúÑnp6i" hey, his career is made. that's what we call a hero. take care, people. >> thank you. any further public comment? public comment's now closed. please call line item 3. >> reports and announcements. chief's report discussion review of recent activities calendar and scheduling of community meetings regarding less lethal weapons presentati
Nov 18, 2012 11:30am EST
bring. why tarnish your invaluable luster with a battle with the house. same gang of hicks and hacks who rejected the amendment ten months ago. we'll lose. >> i like our chances now. >> why does he like our chances now? >> well, because he just feels like it has to get done now. it too long a big risk for him to do that, but the great thing is he gets lobbyists promising everything and even until the last minute in the film, you're not sure whether this amendment is going to pass. spielberg got extraordinary acting out of all of the minor characters and you watch their face and suddenly their face falls and they are not going for it tore face smiles, i'm going for it. >> i've watched the trailers, lincoln had a high voice? >> absolutely. people say why didn't he become a baritone? there are people describing how he talked then. great thing about having a high voice in the 1850s and 1860s, you're speaking outdoors, no microphone, high voices travel across the crowd. steven douglas, you couldn't hear him five rows back. people also knew how he walked and there were people who described
Nov 10, 2012 11:30pm PST
. >> good evening director hicks. >> good evening, president members of the commission,i]mv; and members of the public. first of all, i'd like to introduce the occ's newest investigator if she could please stand up, sarah mondor. we're excited that she is with the occ. sarah has a law degree and is a member of the california bar. she attended golden gate university and she is a uc-berkeley calñ?ñ? grad go bears. sarah has a variedqlñ?ñ? background in her work experience, including being a producer andgíom music reporter for latin eyes media, and also being a project coordinator and business manager for the energy efficiency funding group. çárqrj also interned for the san francisco city attorney's office and for bay area legal aid.'rúddñ so i would just like to welcome sarah. thank you. you have, in your october comprehensive statistical report. i've orally presented a lot of these statistics to you before so i won't go through them. the only thing that i will talk about is the adjudication of month of october, and theéí:úm6Ñ occ -- chief suhrl>e4 ç occw3 sustained cases during
Nov 16, 2012 6:00pm EST
hicks said she had been talking to others at the game including principal jarrett when donna pixley started calling her names. a crowd gathered and pixley soon came up and struck her, after she said principal jarrett yelled to get her followed by an expletive. soon hicks said she was on the ground and besieged by kicks and punches. the victim's husband said his wife doesn't know why she was attacked. >> she don't know why she was attacked. she was punched blindsided. you know? kicked after that. >> reporter: but attorneys for principal jarrett say their client was not the aggressor nor even a combatant. they say she was trying to break it up. >> principal jarrett was doing her job in maintaining the security and safety of the stadium. she is, after all, the principal. >> reporter: she and the other two school employees, donna pixley and bridget stevens are all now on administrative leave. >> we're very confident that once the facts are at least stated at trial, which we intend to do, that principal jarrett will be fully exonerated. >> now, no court date has been set. but jarrett is
Nov 13, 2012 7:30am PST
let you know. >> thank you. commissioners anything for director hicks? hearing none, please call line item 3(c) commission reports. >> commission reports, discussion commission president's report and commissioner's report. >> thank you. i just want to report with reference to the world seriesó1urdhf= celebration and the parade we talked about earlier i saw in the paper a photograph of what iqtñ?ñ? see is great restraint. there is one of our officerscnñ?ñ?ñ who had the backs of firefighters who wasljómÑ fighting a fire, a woman in his face a bottle in one hand flipping the middle finger and screaming at him. for training purposes it was a photo most people saw it said what an impressive job and thank everybody for training officers to do that. it was very impressive. i want/ %0ép to thank whoever that officer is. he represented usp m$6: well.<ñ i also understand that we had a graduation from the academy for 10 or 11 lateral police officers a couple of weeks ago. >> w┐ih did. we had 11 laterals graduated and they were assigned to is]u&aíy believe bayview mission. >> those a
Nov 2, 2012 6:30am EDT
without water because of the water main break. officials with the department of pub hick works says it happened one yesterday afternoon. people from victoria's ministries international were evacuated from the building. public works officials say crews are working on getting debris out of the way so they can get to the break to start repairch city has not talk about the cause but weather and change of temperature and an aging incause these types of things. crews are working trying to fix this. no word on when it will be repaired. reporting live in north baltimore sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> you might have to wait for hours in line but the voters who have done it say it's worth it. >> today is the last day for early voting in maryland and the election is tuesday november 6th. linda so is live at one of the polling areas. when do the polls open? >> reporter: they will open at 8 this morning and stay open for 13 hours today. polls will close at 9 tonight. this is the last day of early voting and we are getting so close to election day. the past few days have been any indication, get re
Nov 15, 2012 7:00pm EST
downtown. according to the police report, the victim, the 37-year-old hicks, the former afterschool coordinator here at coolidge high school was talking to some friends after a football game when suddenly she heard somebody shout get her. at that point according to the police report, the victim was punched in the head by a person now identified as the school's principal and then kicked in the side when she fell to the ground. the victim was not seriously injured. though she declined to be interviewed on camera, she told me on the phone that she had no idea what prompted the attack. matt jablow, 9news now. >> and in addition to that principal, the two other alleged attackers are also staffers at coolidge high. all three placed on administrative leave. >>> today on capitol hill, they grilled their national security team about the u.s. consulate attack in libya. the ambassador and three other americans were killed back on september 11. the senator john mccain was lashing out today at the president over the un ambassador's claims that the attack was not pre-planned. >> we believe whoeve
Nov 15, 2012 6:00pm EST
on november 2. according to the police report, the victim, the 37-year-old king hicks, the former afterschool coordinator here at coolidge high school was talking to some friends in the parking lot after a football game when she heard somebody shout get her. and at at point according to the police report, the victim was punched in the face by a person now identified as the school's principal and then kicked in the side when she fell to the ground. the victim was not seriously injured. although she declined to be interviewed on camera, she told me on the phone that she had no idea what prompted the attack. matt jablo, 9news now. >>> and the first public hearing was held to discuss the possible closing of the d.c. schools today. but earlier this week, some residence received an automated message from the city school chancellor regarding the plans. but what really caught some people's attention is that henderson's robotic sounding voice in the message. >> good afternoon d.c. parents, this is chancellor henderson and i'm calling with a very important message. >> according to the websi
Nov 13, 2012 11:00pm EST
hicks did this was before civil war. this is bad. there is no good precedent to this. eventually they will shut up and sit down and show up again the next election. >>> thousands of citizens in the lone star state want the obama administration to go it alone. >> let's just move the whole state to australia. >> reporter: texas governor rick perry raised the idea in 2009. he's since made clear he has no interest in it and does not support these petitions. texans have company in this idea as americans in more than 30 states are floating the plan on the white house website. >> i thought the civil war was over a couple hundred years ago almost, but i mean i'm not surprised. we're kind of individualistic here. >> reporter: oregon's petition has more than 10,000 signatures. so what's really motivating folks who want to opt out of america? >> it would be interesting to find out what they think the benefit would be. >> reporter: once any petition reaches 25,000 signatures in 30 days' time, it mandates a response from the obama administration, but the bottom line is this might be a good way for
Nov 14, 2012 4:25am EST
hicks did this, we fought a civil war. this is bad. there is no good precedent to. this eventually, they will shut up and sit down and show up then in the next election. >> reporter: thousands of citizens want the obama administration to let texas go it alone. texans have company in this idea as americans in more than 30 states are floating the plan on the white house web site i thought the civil war was over a couple hundred years ago almost. i'm not surprised. >> oregon's petition as more than 10,000 signatures. what is really motivating folks who want to opt out of america. >> it would be interesting to find out what they think the benefit of it was would be. >> reporter: once any pet i go reaches 25,000 signatures in 30 days' time it mandates a response from the obama administration. but the bottom line is this might be a good way to americans to air their frustrations but the petitions carry no legal weight. >> it is not in the president's power under the constitution to let a state is he cede. it is not clear whether anyone, even congress, could let a state secede. it might t
Nov 25, 2012 8:00am PST
service i need to use glasses. who is sergeant channing b. hicks? who is specialist joe sif richardson? the answer is they were two soldiers who died last friday in afghanistan. everybody knows paula broadwell's names. nobody knows sold eiers who are dying in afghanistan. >> you think the media has become unfair to paula broadwell and david petraeus? >> yeah. we've basically set these people on fire. they were consenting adults engaged in private acts. the lack of decency, i think, is kind of appalling to me. i mean also the consequences of what happens to these people. we don't have so many good leaders that we can throw them away casually. general petraeus stood out notably more so than his piers. the question is you can be a mediocre general as long as you keep your pants on. >> in other words, you're not proud of the media at this point. >> no, i'm abashed. we don't talk about the wars until there's son titillating scandal. tom ricks, thanks very much for stopping by. appreciate it. >>> after the break are the media playing an incendiary role when it comes to racial stories. we tal
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Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
chief of mission gregory hicks who got a phone call directly from ambassador stevens saying i'm in trouble. i need help. i'm under attack. he turns around and calls d.c., lets d.c. know the ambassador is pinned down taking fire and nothing happens. help does not come. 24 hours. 24 days. six weeks later, still no hel help. >> bob: soldiers disbursed from tripoli the same day. >> dana: not true. >> bob: okay. >> greg: there were more warnings on benghazi than carton of cigarettes. obama, i keep saying that al-qaeda is on the run. no, they are on a run. i think he is mistaken. meanwhile, the media is so far in the tank, technically they're lobsters. the question still remains, who pushed the video? who pushed the video? >> bob: you are talking about information, we have had this information and we reported this over and over again. the drone over the side of the attack. the drones didn't get there until after the attack. >> kimberly: bob, that is incorrect. >> eric: ambassador -- [ overtalk ] >> kimberly: you are wrong about that. >> bob: our research is wrong about it then. somehow t
Nov 23, 2012 1:15am EST
hicks, explained to it to me in her own an unknowable way that the queens then does not run water. while it helps her look good and helps keep her clothing ungreased, it does make her uncomfortable. the queen had a fleeting encounter with jimmy carter when he attended a black-tie dinner at buckingham palace in 1977. but he managed to offend her mother by enthusiastically sing her on the lips. i took a sharp step backward, the queen mother recalled, not quite good enough. she later said that she had not been this that way since the death of her husband of 25 years earlier. the friendship between the royal family and ronald and nancy reagan was the closest of all the american presidents. the reagans had first met prince charles was in california while serving with the real navy in the early 1970s. they had an equally strong relationship with the queen and prince philip, as well as her sister, princess margaret, the queen mother, and her cousin, princess alexandra. they kept an extensive personal correspondence that i was given permission to read at the presidential library out in ca
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Oct 31, 2012 10:00pm PDT
story which i haven't shared before. he is a good man. his name is gregory hicks. he said that shortly after 9:40 his phone rang. he didn't recognize the number. then it rang again. he didn't recognize the anymore. then given the persistence, it was ambassador stevens. he said we are under attack. i can't tell me he was specifically asking for help. that is what i read into it. he immediately called into washington, d.c., trigger all the mechanism and he wasn't able to contact them. there were hours and hours where we didn't know where the ambassador was. the trauma, real arrive trauma that he went through. i really felt it in his voice. he did a great job. >> greta: number of u.s. senators have signed a letter to president asking for answers. senator pat roberts sent one over today. and armed services chair sent a letter in the house. have you seen the letter? >> yes, i chatted with him this morning. he is chairman of armed services and his letter says, you said you gave a direct order to make sure we secure es those people in benghazi but the military needs an order from you.
Nov 15, 2012 5:00pm EST
reservations and check-ins keep hick upping. >>> george explains this all goes back to the big merger between united and continental airlines. >> there seems to be some relationship with merger and merging systems. now what the cause of this is, i'm not an i.t. professional, i don't know. >> reporter: they switched to continental's computer systems with glitches. now there is stress among travelers about reliability during the upcoming holiday rush. >> thanksgiving or christmas will be a much bigger issue. >> they will be traveling closer to thanksgiving. >> when it is repetitive, it makes people wonder just a little bit. >> reporter: and now this temporary outage, they were resolved this morning according to united and by this afternoon. things, they were back to normal here. united is not saying how many of their 4,000 flights daily were relayed by this according to unindependent flight tracking website. it looked like it was about 200 some flights, causing ripple effects throughout the system. again a big deal here in washington as this will be a united hub and really for the frequ
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Nov 1, 2012 2:00am PDT
of damage from sandy. angie hick from angie's list is going to drop by to tell you how to avoid from being scamed by unscrupulous contractors. also what you need to know regarding your insurance. we will talk about politics with former governor jeb bush the brother of george w. bush, and the weekly jobless numbers will come out live at 8:30. you will see it only here on "fox & friends". stay with us. honey, thehave e 55 inch lg... [ mom ] we already have a tv. would you like to know more abo it? yeah, but let me put my wife on speaker. hi! hi. it's led and it has great picture quality. i don't know... it's ultralim... maybe next year. you cod always put it on layaway and pay a little at a time. alright. we'll take it! ah! i love you! hmm! ahem. football. [ male announcer ] shop now. get the hottest brands on your list today... like the lg 55 inch led tv. and put it on layaway now so you have more time to pay. walmart. >> 8 minutes to the top of the hour. hawaii tourist one, giant tiger shark zero. tae kwan do black belt was swimming in maui when this shark decided to confront he
Nov 1, 2012 2:00am EDT
want to get hick out. >> reporter: they brought their boetds here to help with the rescue. at times the water is so deep our humvee can't get through. so we went looking for a larger truck. we found one in the middle of a rescue. even the national guard are relying on cell phones. so we had to drive through the neighborhood to find another. that one had finally reached the man having chest pains in this building. instead of being evacuated, he chose to stay, to ride it out like he rode out the storm. many want to stay, despite the fumes, the water, the lack of power. and tonight, conditions will be even worse. temperatures have been dropping all day, and there's no heat. but that isn't stopping the national guard. how many people do you think you've been able to get? >> i don't know. i'm sorry, we're not keeping track. we're just trying to get as many as we can. this is about helping our neighbors. >> reporter: it is about helping our neighbors and that's the way they were all young men we saw. they were there just trying to save and help people. it was humbling and inspiring. brian
Nov 28, 2012 11:00pm PST
rat's nest in there. the same gang of talentless hicks and hacks who rejected the amendment ten months ago. we'll lose. >> i like our chances now. >> wow. we're back. that was a clip from the new steven spielberg movie "lincoln" based on doris kearns goodwin's "rivals." the house majority whip, kevin mccarthy rented out the film to show it to members of the house. what's the takeaway it is relevant in washington. joining us, doris cerns. congratulations for greatness. this is always the place for pom particulars. we want to talk about the politics. the movie focuses on the period in which the president, lincoln, near the last weeks of his life, just into his second term or before his second term commenced after he had been reelected when he put all the marbles on the table and said he was going to outlaw slavery. how did he get it done? >> he did it because he had the strength of his conviction, an important lesson in leadership. he knew that if he didn't get the 13th amendment passed before the war ended it might never get passed. the democrats would never be willing to vote for it on
Nov 3, 2012 4:00pm PDT
-- where are they going to mark it? looks like they will spot it at the 20. hicks ran it out. a flag down but it looked like gholston was offside for michigan state. if it stands it's 38 yards and at the very least they are in range for a game tying field goal. >> referee: offsides, defense. number 2. that penalty is declined. the play results first down. out of bounds at the start of the snap. >> chris: you see william golston jumped here. twice in third downs they dropped eight and twice in third downs when they dropped eight and i suggest maybe come with the pressure package which they have had success with. a tough call to make. >> sean: longest completion to kyler reed. short of the first down marker. they have to be alert to get up or run the field goal team on quickly. martinez throws short. last thing, obviously, that he wants to do is make another critical mistake in the red zone. he had a big interception that looked like they were about to score earlier in this half. earlier in this quarter. maher trying to stay warm with the temperature now in the mid-30s. >> chris: you s
Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm EST
but was ordered to stay away from hicks. >>> and a school bus crash in howard county, on route 97, on roxbury mills road. what a mess on the road and one child on that bus, two adults as well, suffered some bumps and bruises. it is believed that a car clipped that school bus. >>> palestinian militants in gaza aimed a rocket at jerusalem today, setting off air raid sirens. israeli police say the rocket landed in the west bank, about ten miles away from the holy city. >> reporter: israeli war planes unleashed more guns on the gaza strip friday. the military says the strikes hit the interior ministry, hamas and several other hamas targets. palestinian militants fired back with a long-range rocket aimed at the port city of tel aviv. panicked israelis ran for shelter. a siren sounded in the capitol. this man says he was at the beach and suddenly he couldn't breathe from all the smoke. israeli police say the rocket landed in the sea. the same thing happened a day earlier. for a third day, the conflict is raging. israeli troops are on stand-by for a possible ground assault. protesters joined
Nov 3, 2012 9:00am EDT
makeover. here's 11 news donna hamilton. >> for years, helena hicks struggled with high cholesterol, which eventually led to a blockage in her heart. >> it came down lower than it was, but it was still high. i didn't realize i was in the danger zone. >> helena required bypass surgery. besides taking cholesterol medication, she's changed her diet. >> i learned to give up a lot of red meats. i learned to eat -- i love vegetables. that was good. i learn to fix vegetables 1,000 different ways. and it's made a difference. >> dr. monica agerwall said that's essential for managing your cholesterol and she believes the best diet is one that's rich in vegetables. >> that doesn't mean that i'm recommending everybody be a vegetarian, but i am recommending that most of our meals and most of our dietary intake come from plants. so what that does is, animal products, including dairy, do bring up your cholesterol. >> allison massey said one big mistake many of us make is eating too much meat. >> we're heavy on animal products and a typical american diet. if we can cut back and eat meatless meals,
Nov 28, 2012 10:00am EST
orders. bo hicks' body was returned to his beloved south carolina monday to his family and to his friends. he's in the presence of the lord. he died fighting for this country doing what this country asked him to do, and he lived and died with honor. he died, mr. speaker, before his 25th birthday. the decisions we make in this assembly have real life eternal consequences. may we strive to make the service and sacrifice of bo hicks meaningful. may he look down and say it was worth it. thank you, bo hicks and god bless you and your family. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. for what purpose does the gentleman from ohio rise? >> mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from ohio is recognized for one minute. mr. kucinich: highly paid c.e.o.'s are in town to tell america how to avoid the fiscal cliff. these top -- the top priority of the fix the debt c.e.o.'s is to cut the essential commitments of medicare, medicaid and social security. no skin off their noses. sorry, you 50 mi
Nov 10, 2012 12:00am PST
house. it's a rat's nest there. the same gang of talentless hicks anhacks that rejected the amendment ten months ago. we'll lose. >> i like our chances now. >> rose: so great, you know. and just to get up for a scene in which you are riding in a carriage talking to abraham lincoln. >> and believe me, you look at daniel-day and from the moment he walked on that set people are kind of like-- a ghost is walking. it was pretty extraordinary. >> rose: steven and doris kearns goodwin who was here yesterday said will you never again think of lincoln without thinking of this image of him, the way he walks, you know, the voice, you know, the sense of sort of all that's around him, a sense of some wisdom at the center. that had been said by-- fed by curiosity, going over to talk to seward. thank you, jessica, a pleasure to meet you. >> wderful to be on your show. >> thank you. >> nice to meet you. >> my friend, good to see you. >> thank you for joining us. see you next time. captioning sponsored by rose communications captioned by media access group at wgbh
Nov 25, 2012 5:00am PST
stockton thunder 6-3. not only or hicks affordable, the price of hot dogs and refreshments won't break the bank either, about five or six dollars for them. abc7 news. >>> snow in the bay area? well, it happened yesterday in san rafael. it wasn't falling from the sky. a snow making machine cranked out several tons of snow despite the sunny skies above, helping transport families to a snowy play land. several blocks of fourth street -- i don't think she likes that. several blocks were closed off to make it safe to shop and sled for those who do like it, you know. it's the first time probably for her to see something like that. lisa argen is here now. no real snow in the forecast. >> no, 66 degrees yesterday in san rafael. and up the road 72 in santa rosa. right now we have a lot of dense fog out there. here's the shark tank where visibility in san jose has been reduce today half a mile. to mountain view, looking at foggy conditions as well as oakland with an eighth of a mile. we will talk about when it will lift and when the rain returns which is pretty soon. that's coming up. >> thank y
Nov 28, 2012 2:00pm PST
in the house? it's a rat's nest in there. the same gang of talentless hicks and hacks who rejected the amendment ten months ago. we'll lose. >> i like our chances now. >> wow. we're back. that was a clip from the new steven spielberg movie "lincoln" based on doris kearns goodwin's book. kevin mccarthy rented out a movie theater tonight to show the house. what's the takeaway from the story to show it's relevant in washington. joining us is doris kearns goodwin, the author. congratulations for greatness. >> thank you. >> this show is all about politic. we to want talk about that, not the battlefield but the politics. the movie focuses on after lincoln had just been re-elected he put all the marbles on the i slavery forever. why, in short, did he do it and how did he get it done? >> he did it because he had the strength of his conviction, which is an important lesson in leadership, number one. he knew if he didn't get it passed before the war ended that it might not ever get passed because once peace came, the democrats would never be willing to vote for it. and then he used compromis
Nov 4, 2012 6:00am PST
persuasion. >> the same gang of talentless hicks and hacks who rejected the amendment ten months ago. we'll lose. >> i like our chances now. reporter: the film is nuanced, unshowy. true to lincoln. melancholy and sardonic witt and hard scrabble laurie intelligence. you don't feel you know him. few in his time today but you know what it was like to be in his presence. >> what about myself? you maybe. reporter: daniel lewis captures that mysterious sadness and the ability to shake it off and be open and generous and tell long anecdotes at the drop of a stove pipe hat. sally field is very fine as the wife who fears history will see her as a crazy shrew. but the scenal stealing role goes to tommy lee jones as a belligerent abolitionist congressman, eyes dropping under thick locks toupee. he's visibly tortured softening his views to win over the undecided. but his compromise changes history. lincoln is based on doris kearns goodwin's team of rivals, famously read by barack obama, lincoln brought rivals into the white house. obama drafted hillary clinton. it's no accident lincoln evokes the bruis
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Nov 9, 2012 3:00pm EST
national security changes, there is already talk, hick hinge -- secretary of state, hillary clinton has said for months she will step down. there will be changes but the white house has been blind sided because the last thing with challenges like iran and syria the need for a strong c.i.a. director to give the president the best possible intelligence about iran's nuclear program this is the last thing they want to do is look if a new c.i.a. director. >>trace: general petraeus got the post in september of 2011 so just a little over a year he has been in this. general petraeus the head of the c.i.a. has step down because of an extra marital affair. now to jennifer griffin at the pentagon who worked for us in the middle east for years, your thoughts on the abrupt resignation of general petraeus? >>reporter: i was shocked. i have known general petraeus since the beginning of the surge in iraq. one of my first assignments on this beat at the pentagon was to go to iraq and he had just been assigned there in 2007. i want to tell you what i know about him as a person. he is a man of intense
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